Repurposing aging SharePoint applications for Office 365

Why migrate from SharePoint to the cloud?

Moving to O365, needing a new home for your critical apps

Do you have ageing applications that need a new home

Consolidating or retiring legacy SharePoint farms

Need to extend apps beyond classic SharePoint

Improve security and goverance needed for critical apps

Concerned about illegal actions, need cross browser support, workflow licensing costs, workflow performance & stability, form layout options, integration?

Embrace no-code/low-code with enterprise strength

Low-code platforms is a term coined by independent analyst, Forrester Research, and covered in detail in two Forrester Wave™ reports. According to Forrester’s definition

Avoid the sawing workflow costs tools

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from future-proofed development. All applications rely on standard architectures and frameworks. So, with OutSystems, you can be sure that low-code doesn’t paint you into a corner or leave you stranded behind proprietary interpreters and retired open-source development frameworks.

Move to a unified platform for web and mobile

Drag-and-drop the functionality you need for UI, business processes, logic, and data models to create full-stack, cross-platform apps. No lock-in ever. Add your own code when needed.

Integrate everywhere

Core ERP and CRM solutions. Aging legacy systems. Custom apps that track satellites and power factories. These are just a few examples of real projects where OutSystems made it extremely easy to integrate external enterprise systems, databases, or custom apps.

Application logic

Deliver apps and update them with one click. OutSystems automatically tracks all changes and handles database scripts and deployment processes – making life a little easier.

Bring your developers

Replace the complex world of building apps with offline data synchronization, native device access, and on-device business logic with ultra-fast visual modeling.

Express start

With ‘Express Start’ you get your own trial environment, online training, unlimited support and more all for one monthly fee.

Create Brilliant Digital Experiences

Are you struggling to build engaging digital experiences across your entire customer journey?

With OutSystems, you can deliver engaging customer self-service apps, beautiful portals, and captivating experiences for your customers and users, all at incredible speed.

From mobile and web apps to next-gen interfaces that take advantage of intelligent agents and bots, the OutSystems low-code platform will help you leave the competition in the dust.

Digitally Transform Your Business Operations

Streamline internal operations and optimize front-office and back-office processes with low-code

From mobile and web apps to next-gen interfaces that take advantage of intelligent agents and bots, the OutSystems low-code platform will help you leave the competition in the dust.

Optimize Your Business Today

With OutSystems, you can cut your app development time in half, crush your IT backlog, and be more responsive to business challenges. Deliver brilliant web and mobile workforce apps, employee portals, workflows, and operational dashboards to support any process—no matter how complicated. Great UIs that employees love to use and easy integration with your existing systems, all at the speed you need.

Deliver Digital Core Systems

Enterprise strength low-code makes legacy modernization, digital re-platforming, and the development of large business critical applications faster, future-proof, and easier.

Transform Your Business Today

If you are struggling with customized packages or aging systems that are expensive to maintain and slow to change, we can help. OutSystems breaks the stalemate, helping you rebuild large systems in months instead of years. By combining fast visual development, easy integration, and rock-solid scalability, you can digitally re-platform with confidence and speed.

Re-purpose aging SharePoint applications for Office 365

Everything you need to build, manage, change and deploy enterprise apps ... incredibly fast with enterprise strength, all in one place.

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