Powering business critical workhubs and solutions

Appbuilder is a comprehensive program for the creation of workplace and business applications, integrations and portals for SharePoint. Appbuilder leverages SharePoint and Office 365 and extends it with no-code tools, services and design patterns.

Slash development costs, triple budget output …
Fast to build, respond at the speed of business …
Empower everyone, everywhere …

No Code

Free up your development resources, and satisfy business requirements without costly custom coding. Appbuilder is a set of powerful web parts that lets you build applications that are easily supported, maintained and upgraded, ensuring their long-term impact and return on investment.


Build captivating 3-D charts and dashboards that are nearly impossible to build natively and include dynamic filtering, drill-down reporting and a rich user experience.

Build powerful reporting dash boards based on real time data and content from SharePoint. You can also leverage data from external solutions such as SQL Server, Lotus Notes, Oracle and or SAP.

Relational data

Appbuilder provides a comprehensive set of tools to make SharePoint data relational.  It provides business users with the power to create advanced cross site systems with a simple ‘drag, drop and configure’ interface. It includes many webparts that allow business user to easily build parent–child relationships, cross site lookups, auto filling, dependent lists, flow control and persistent filtering. This is a must have for the development of rich applications in SharePoint.


Designing, building and maintaining​ security requirements across your user communities and application logic is an essential requirement in the development of most solutions. Appbuilder provides an extensive range of security features that integrates with SharePoint to handle simple to the most stringent requirements.


Integrated solutions enable you to display and modify data from other external systems and LOB applications. The tools will allow you to integrate line of business data into SharePoint for master data, dashboards, reporting to fully unified solutions.  A generic configurator enables connections to external systems with properly implemented Web Services and to common commercial databases. This is a single approach to back end data without developers needing to program against multiple API’s.