The balancing act of providing a compelling student user experience and maintaining legacy systems for higher education institutions has become more difficult than ever. The competition to attract and retain students is fierce. And, with more choices stemming from new learning models, a college must be able to offer the latest content delivery methods on any platform. Education CIOs have to grapple with serving forward-looking, technology-hungry customers with outdated systems that require constant investment and maintenance and cannot always adapt to the needs of the institution and its students. There’s a better way to deliver the technology students want and the information systems your institution needs without costly hiring or outsourcing. Low-code application development with OutSystems can provide a successful end-to-end digital transformation that addresses all the new challenges of modern education.

According to our research, universities and other higher education bodies face numerous challenges that slow or delay digital innovation. If your digital student services, mobile apps, or other digital transformation efforts seem to be stuck in lengthening IT queues, you are not alone.

Over 3,500 IT professionals from 116 countries shared their insights in one of the most comprehensive research reports on the state of application development.

In this concise summary, we explore how higher education bodies are performing on a wide number of app dev performance measures, including:

  • Demand for new software applications
  • Average development times for web and mobile apps
  • Backlog length and control
  • Ability to hire required development skills
  • Adoption of Agile and DevOps practices

To find out more, download the higher education report.