Today I am pleased to announce the release of our ‘Low-Code Clinics’ for OutSystems. For the past few months we have been building a new program to support the typical workloads in an OutSystems sales engagement. It gives me great pleasure to share with you some updates on our inaugural December release.

So, a ‘Low-Code Clinic’ [LCC] is our new service to a) support the personal skills needed for technical and business users, and b) offer capabilities for the development of ‘proof of concepts’. A LCC brings together the OutSystems personal environment with structured training, guided enablement paths, support and mentoring for an individual or a team. A LCC is offered on a monthly paid subscription but has a primary objective to support the delivery of software sales or services. 

What is a LCC?

  • A personal cloud-based OutSystems environment
  • A ‘kick start’ session to plan ones learning pathway and objectives
  • An option to fast-track a PoC development
  • Access to tons of online videos, exercises and mentoring to build personal or team skills

Here is just some of the content in this December release

Clinic 1 Build a Web App in 2 hours – learn what it is to be ‘fast’ at web development
Clinic 2 Build a Mobile App in 2 hours – learn what it is to be ‘fast’ at iOS and Android development
Clinic 3 Jump Start  – this is classic Jump Start but online – 2 guided exercises,
Clinic 4 Becoming a Low-Code Web Developer – 14 lessons, 21 videos, 17 exercises
Clinic 5 Becoming a Low-Code Mobile developer  – 10 lessons, 23 videos, 15 exercises