Microsoft integration examples …

When you need to do more with … Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, Power BI, Azure.

Sharepoint UI Integration

This integration is an example of a piece of UI from Outsystems shown in Sharepoint. It was built using the embed option on Sharepoint’s site and allows you to be using a Sharepoint site while having a segment of it transparently implemented with data, logic and UI on the OutSystems side.

Sharepoint API Integration

This integration is an example of a Sharepoint integration with Outsystems. This integration was built with Sharepoint’s REST APIs.

Dynamics 365 Connector Integration

This integration demonstrates how to connect to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Dynamics 365 Connector from forge levering the Microsoft Login Connector from forge to get the Token needed to request information from Dynamics 365 Online.

Microsoft Login Integration

This integration demonstrates the ability to login with Microsoft Credentials using Microsoft Login Connector from forge. This connector can be leveraged to get the token for Microsoft components.

Azure Cognitive Services

This Forge component provides several API wrappers for Azure Cognitive services such as Emotion Recognition, Face Detection, Spell Check, Text to Speech, etc.

Power BI

The purpose of this integration is to demonstrate how you can integrate Power BI with Outsystems. You can use Power BI to show dashboards and reports through an iFrame.