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A ‘Low-Code Clinic’ [LCC] brings together state of the art visual cloud-based development tools, structured training, guided paths for web or mobile, unlimited support and mentoring.

Depending on your specific journey you maybe keen to get some hands-on experience to compare visual no-code low code capabilities to traditional coding, with a pathway to certification; or you might have new project with emerging requirements that you need to fast track of ‘proof of concept’ to build a business case demonstrate its viability; or you have legacy applications that need to be repurposed, modernised in the cloud with native mobile capabilities. 

Are you CloudFirst and or MobileFirst company? Our Low-code clinics will get you there fast and at scale!

Here is some of what’s coming in our Low-Code Clinics …..

Your personal cloud environment

You can develop any mobile or web application that you can build with OutSystems Platform. Just keep in mind that the personal environment is suited for small deployments with dozens of users. It is not suited for mission-critical or heavy usage apps.

Kick off & strategy sessions

A application starts with a good plan. In the kick off session we will work together to map the core organisational drives and required outcomes for successful project.

Unlimited online support

It is important to be able to ask a friend when you need help or just stuck. Out LCC Support is just that … design, strategy, technical, architectural or dev ops.

Jump Start - web and mobile

In this lesson (approx 8 hrs) learn how to rapidly develop, deploy and change enterprise-grade mobile and web applications, manage application lifecycles with one click, integrate applications with any external system, and more! Expand your PoC design and features.

Web path - 5 courses, 43 hrs of online training

This one-stop course for full enterprise-grade, responsive Web development introduces you to the OutSystems platform and its capabilities. The course focuses on web development and server-side integration, covering everything from application architecture and data modelling to using RichWidgets and Silk UI to create amazing user interfaces. You’ll also learn how to integrate with Web services and foreign systems like a pro.

Mobile path - 4 courses, 39 hrs of online training

You will immerse yourself in all aspects, including how to think “mobile,” design an engaging and high-performing UX, support offline users, and incorporate sensors and device capabilities. You’ll even test it by building the package and installing it on the device!

Thought leadership

The Four Challenges That Hold Back Digital Transformation So, what is holding back digital transformation and making life difficult for so many CIOs and their organizations? The answer to this question can be summarized in four categories1.

Guide to System designs

To see just how much the demand for apps is increasing, look no further than to the ambitious plans many IT teams have for 2017. While all of the IT professionals we surveyed said that they will build apps this year, nearly half (44 percent)…