Field Service Transformed

Customer Satisfaction, Operational Efficiencies & Engage Field Agents

The face of field service management is changing; your customers are used to one-click purchases and same day delivery. Customers expect a flawless user experience regardless of device and want to interact with a call center agent, chatbot, or field agent on their channel of choice, not yours. Field agents require highly intuitive applications that allow them to complete work orders in a fast, efficient manner. Are you able to deliver custom multi-channel applications that are delighting your customers and agents on a single platform within weeks?

Start with core features customise at  ‘Light Speed’

Dedicated Cloud or On-prem, or SaaS deployment options.

Distributed and full offline data capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Language Analysis and Chat Bot ready.

A Platform For All Your Field Service Needs

Your customer’s needs are constantly evolving as are the channels and devices that you need to be on to interact with them. Organizations need to keep up with the pace of change and commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS) often fall short. Your field agents and contractors require a single solution that gives them a simple and easy to use experience but that can also allow them to accomplish a successful first time visit.

With OutSystems you can build multi-channel applications for all your stakeholders for any device or operating system in a matter of weeks regardless of process complexity. Using our low-code platform you can rapidly create applications to:

  • Quickly adjust to your customers’ demands
  • Create a unique competitive advantage
  • Drive up customer satisfaction scores
  • Better enable technicians to increase their first-time-fix rates

Drive Operational Efficiency

Your field organization is under pressure to meet ever-increasing customer expectations while still delivering efficient service margins. OutSystems opens up a new world of efficiency, driving your business forward. The platform enables you to consolidate multiple systems into a single field service portal, reduce paper-based processes, decrease service times, consistently hit your SLAs, and improve technician job satisfaction.

Mobile Distributed and Offline

NUVALLO provides your field team with intuitive first-class user experience. Ramp-up times are faster, and they get all the information they need at the point of service. Don’t sacrifice look-and-feel to get applications that work offline, use native device features such as: signature capture, voice to text, facial recognition, etc. Enable all contractors and employees with employee access management for full data transparency and efficiency.

Quick and Easy Changes

Making changes shouldn’t lead to manual workarounds or service downtime. NUVALLO field service applications are designed to support the evolution of your business and your customers’ needs allowing you to make changes in hours, update mobile apps without the need to reinstall and support BYOD.

Field Service Visibility In Real-time

You need critical data to make decisions quickly and accurately, and your customers expect prompt and perfect service. OutSystems allows you to accomplish this by integrating real-time data into your app to have up-to-the-minute views of your customer and your team’s interactions with the customer. Have complete visibility into the location status, asset tracking and awareness of inventory or parts levels.