Education – from learning outcomes to business transformation

The balancing act of providing a compelling student user experience and maintaining legacy systems and compliance obligations in education has become more difficult than ever. The competition to attract and retain students is fierce. And, with more choices stemming from new learning models, a schools and universities must be able to offer the latest content delivery methods on any platform.

Education CIOs have to grapple with serving forward-looking, technology-hungry customers with outdated systems that require constant investment and maintenance and cannot always adapt to the needs of the institution and its students.

There’s a better way to deliver the technology students want and the information systems your institution needs without costly hiring or outsourcing. Low-code application development with OutSystems can provide a successful end-to-end digital transformation that addresses all the new challenges of modern education.

Drive a compliance centric culture through education, auditing and 360 review cycles. Meta data support for Work Health & Saftey and schools compliance.

Advanced injury and assault reporting with back office services and case mangement tools. 

Drive customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies & engage field agents, contractors and casual staff to deliver great council experiences.

Manage critical inspections across many use cases from hospitality, assets and construction use cases.

Registration and Accreditation of Non-government Schools

Build an evidence based approach to manage compliance obligations. Identify the policies and procedures currently in place at the school with systems to delivery continuous development.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Strengthening the protection of children in our schools by preventing, identifying and mitigating risks and responding appropriately when abuse occurs.


Responsible persons

Ensure that the school’s ‘responsible persons’ have relevant qualifications, skills and experience for governing the school properly.

Teacher accreditation & learning

All full-time, casual or part-time, early childhood, primary or secondary teachers require accreditation. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) define the knowledge, practice and professional engagement needed for high quality effective teaching that improves student learning outcomes.

Work, health & Safety

Protect the health and safety of all stakeholders in an education workplace from exposure to hazards and risks resulting from work activities. Implement evidence based audit systems, with full 360 degree views for compliance review against relevant codes and standards.

Injury management

Investigate incidents and hazards, and take corrective action to reduce the level of risk and prevent the reoccurrence of similar incidents. Track, manage and direct ‘return to work’ activities, costs and insurances.

Build compelling digital experiences for recruitment, enrolment and engagement

Deliver exceptional educational experiences that include moving from desktop to mobile seamlessly so students are excited about signing up for and completing their studies.

With the OutSystems low-code development platform, your higher education organization can avoid low enrollment and reduce dropout rates by offering compelling recruitment, enrollment, and course apps for all platforms. Build the core of an app once and customize it for each device experience in hours.

You’ll see a dramatic reduction in development time while maximizing the use of your current IT resources.

Unlock value in your Student Information Systems

How easily are you able to deliver new solutions and modern services to students, faculty, staff, and recruits? In 2018, Gartner reported that most student information systems in use today are built on outdated technology that is hampering innovation. Replacing these systems does not have to be expensive and disruptive to your organization and students, however.

With the OutSystems platform, you can bring your student information system into the 21st century by integrating apps into any legacy student information system or a custom built back-office solution with the click of a button.

Deliver Digital Core systems

Enterprise strength low-code makes legacy modernization, digital re-platforming, and the development of large business critical applications faster, future-proof, and easier. Transform Your Business Today If you are struggling with customized packages or aging systems that are expensive to maintain and slow to change, we can help. OutSystems breaks the stalemate, helping you rebuild large systems in months instead of years. By combining fast visual development, easy integration, and rock-solid scalability, you can digitally re-platform with confidence and speed.