Re-purpose aged SharePoint applications for Office 365

Re-purpose aged SharePoint applications for Office 365

If you are like most organisations with a policy to follow Microsoft technologies you will have one, two or several SharePoint farms running in your data centre …. that you can’t turn off. If this is you, then read on.

Over the past 10 odd years we have seen many organisations make significant investments to modify core SharePoint server functions to meet the needs of the business owners. For organisations that are moving to Office 365 and SharePoint online they are asking themselves how we can move these on-prem assets and re-purpose them of the future. At the board level they are most likely asking …. how can we pulverise this legacy debt, so we are free to move forward with a cloud first strategy?

In relative terms, moving SharePoint server content to O365 is easy as most migration vendors have proven, mature capabilities. The problems lies with the moving the business logic and custom functionality, this is not easy to move and requires a whole set of new development skills. Microsoft’s response is a number of new approaches such as the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Client Side Object Model (CSOM), Client-Side JSOM; Content Editor (CEWP) and Script Editor WebParts, the Graph APIs etc etc. Mesmerising stuff for mortals and business folk just trying to create value.

The point here is that if you want to customise SharePoint online, as you did with SharePoint server, you will need developers, ones with new skills, a bigger budget and a risk profile that gives internal or external dev teams freedom and latitude to explore. For many organisations this risk burden is massive.

Wait, what if there was another option. An enterprise cloud infrastructure, purpose built for applications, with visual no-code tools, that provided integration with O365 data and services, single sign on for your users, that provides easy development of web and native mobile solutions, support for micro services, integration existing core systems and unbreakable dev-ops. Is it worth a look?

For all CIO’s, SharePoint professionals & business leaders looking to make a clean transition to Office 365. We can help you re-purpose and transform legacy SharePoint apps into value creating systems built on low code, fast, enterprise strength capabilities. Everything you need to build, manage, change and deploy enterprise apps for O365 is here today. Just click here