The Agility Boardroom [Low-Code Social Learning]

The Agility Boardroom [Low-Code Social Learning]

This is a community site with a purpose of information sharing around Low-code Web and Mobile App development [OutSystems], agile concepts and organisational success?

Everyone talks about the need for organisational agility. The concept of being ‘Agile’ has been around for some years now, it’s still a trend, it’s still cool, and it’s still a very potent input to organisational success!

So what is agility ….. Agility = Speed x Value

Agility is how fast you can react to market changes and requests, or feedback from your users or partners. It’s the combination of speed with another important thing: value. Where value is delivering the right thing. Agility is not simply delivering fast. It’s delivering the right thing fast!

The value of a group comes down to a balance of contribution, engagement and received value. Please note that there is a strict “No Solicitation Policy”