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Low-Code meets Office 365 & the Graph API

To win the digital transformation race, successful IT teams need to overcome three immense challenges: Massive backlogs, legacy debt and scarce resources. And, at the same time they need to embrace new methods, better suited to fast-paced innovation. In this webinar...

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Devworkz – Nintex Promapp Quickstart certified.

Devworkz completes training requirements to become Nintex Promapp Quickstart certified. Intuitive Turn complex process maps, Visio charts, and procedure documents into clean, simple process maps that everyone can find and follow. Flexible Establish standardized and...

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Agile and DevOps maturity

All organizations are seeking to continuously improve the efficiency, speed, and quality of software delivery. We wanted to find out what approaches and technologies (aimed at increasing capacity) organizations had invested in over the past year. Among the approaches...

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Jump Start Registration

All organisations are seeking to continuously improve the efficiency, speed, and quality of software delivery. Time to ball-up your low-code development with a free, one-day training session. Get an overview of OutSystems and see how you can use the platform to plan,...

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State of App Development in Education

The balancing act of providing a compelling student user experience and maintaining legacy systems for higher education institutions has become more difficult than ever. The competition to attract and retain students is fierce. And, with more choices stemming from new...

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State of App Development in Local Government

Many municipalities struggle to keep up with the technical pace of change that their citizens now require, as well as managing their legacy IT infrastructure. Government CIOs often have to make difficult trade-offs between offering a compelling citizen user experience...

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