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At Devworkz we are in the business of helping organizations build new pathways that support organizational performance and productivity. We do this through our no-code SharePoint tools and services. We understand the challenges of business and are passionate about the meaningful support of real outcomes.

Appbuilder is a fleet of 21 unified web parts purpose built for the development of applications in SharePoint. Here are some of the core features.

Relational data, referential integrity, master data services , content aggregation, system managed meta data ….
Security driven navigation, cross farm viewing, charting, reporting, dynamic headers, global filtering …
Traffic lights, process status, hover overs, in line data editing, responsive design …
SQL, SAP, MS CRM, SalesForce, Oracle, SOAP web services – read, write, charting – advanced LOB integration or unification.
Application accelerators for compliance, risk, human resources, conflict of interest, work health & safety …
Designed and tested to work with Nintex workflow & forms …
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Exciting new features coming
Please keep me updated on the next release of Appbuilder.