Technical support

We offer technical support for either a) our software tools or b) applications running with our tools.

Support ticket types:

Software support: to report bugs and issues with Appbuilder, Nintex and or OutSystems tools. Software support is provided to customers that have current, re paid annual software maintenance.

Application support: report issues & request help with solutions running on test or  production environments that relates to the setup and configuration of solutions. Application support is charged at agreed rates.

Support ticket status:

Normal: we will respond in 24 hrs

Critical: we wili respond the same day, normally within 4 hrs

How soon do you need us to act?

What is the type infrastructure?

Is this a support request to fix a problem, add new features or report a bug.

Please make sure you provide as much detail as possible, here is an example:

Organisation: My Music Company

My details: Joe Cocker

My contact: 0413 122 ABC

Support type: Application support

Support status: Critical

Description of the issue:  We are have an error on the main workflows that loads current user profile details.

Impact of the issue: We have stopped work, we can’t do anything until this is fixed.

Location [add the url]: here is an example …. http://<your site url>/sites/<Site Name>/sitepages/nameofsitepage.aspx

Screen shot of the issue/error/location:  Please send shots of the whole screen, this gives us context, along with the detail errors. [a picture is worth a 1000 words].

Note: Here is alternative support channel, if you don’t like the ‘Help’ widget … just send us an email on ‘’ with all the details.

Click here to create an email support request.

Safe Havens

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